The last 6 years have been staggeringly transformative for me. I’ve navigated job changes, relationship breakups, 4 house moves, sudden loss and profound grief, plus a life-shaping vocational change.

As a creative mentor, I now have the great pleasure of guiding folks through their own remarkable shifts, but I know from experience this sort of growth isn’t smooth or easy. It’s an intricate dance of intuition and honest self-reflection that points us towards a more expansive reality.

Let me share some insights for supporting yourself during times of transition so that you can emerge feeling grounded and confident in your evolving self.

Go inward

Whatever your method – meditation, writing, dance, nature walks – find what brings you peace and make it a regular practice. When we prioritise time for and with ourselves, we cultivate greater awareness and intuition.

Clarify your priorities

Social norms and external pressures often influence our decisions, leading us toward paths that might not reflect our genuine aspirations. By focusing on our priorities and values, we can realign and steer ourselves towards actions that genuinely align with our desired growth.

Release guilt

Guilt is the sneaky companion of change. It hitches a ride on all our ideas for expansion, and can very quickly take the wind from our sails. As we contemplate major shifts, we may feel guilty about potentially disappointing others. If we focus on honouring our own self-worth, we stay committed to our growth.

Remain curious

Let compassion and curiosity be your guides through change. Imagine the possibilities of how this new path may unfold. Talk to supportive friends who resonate with you, and be gentle with yourself. Take small, steady steps towards transformation – there’s no rush.

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance.

Alan Watts