Embark on a soulful exploration of somatic practice, insightful conversation and intuitive support.

Whether you’re propelling a new project or business into the world, navigating a pivotal life or career change, or simply ready to amplify your unique voice with confidence, personalised mentoring is your launchpad.

Through a unique blend of science and soul, you’ll gain the tools to cultivate inner harmony, navigate change with grace and confidently express your authentic self.

This is a sanctuary for your spirit to flourish, free from self-doubt and brimming with possibility.

Through dedicated mentoring sessions, we’ll weave together embodied learning and practical guidance, drawing from my 9+ years of design and communication expertise and grounded in Mind-Body Coaching techniques. This transformative experience empowers you to build a thriving practice and share your unique voice with confidence.

Tap into the wisdom of your body

Discover how your body holds answers to roadblocks and guides you towards inspired action. Learn to listen to its subtle cues and unlock a deeper reservoir of potential for personal growth and profound wellbeing.

Dissolve limiting beliefs and stories

Say goodbye to self-doubt and old beliefs that hold you back. Together, we’ll dismantle these barriers and rekindle your spark, propelling you towards a state of flow and steady progress.

Craft nourishing, everyday rituals

Create personalised practices that nourish your wellbeing and cultivate your full potential. Discover how these small, daily acts can have a significant impact on your growth and sense of purpose.

Align your work with your values

Learn to align your actions and choices with your core values. Craft work that resonates deeply with your audience, while navigating fear and change with confidence.

Embrace your authentic voice

Express yourself with confidence and clarity. Develop the tools to share your unique gifts with the world in a way that feels fulfilling and true to you.

This space encompasses artists, self-driven dreamers, bold entrepreneurs and creative souls in metamorphosis. My clients often find themselves somewhere within these three groups:

Awakened explorers

You feel a whisper of an idea begging to be explored, a spark waiting to ignite. This yearning for creative expression might feel new or unfamiliar, and it’s calling to be nurtured. Here, you’ll gain the tools to tap into your intuition and cultivate a sustainable creative practice. Let’s bring your impactful ideas to life and share your unique light with the world.

Restless creatives

You have an established creative practice and yearn for something more. You crave a deeper connection, fresh inspiration or a renewed sense of abundance. Perhaps you’re experiencing a creative plateau or seeking ways to expand your expression. Here, you’ll discover new reservoirs of energy and unlock the potential to transform yourself and your work.


Your journey of personal growth and self-discovery has been enriching and now you crave a deeper connection between your intellectual understanding and your embodied experience. Here, you’ll discover how to integrate past experiences, reclaim your agency, and express yourself with greater confidence and clarity.

Everyone has their own rhythm and resources. You may choose to book sessions as you go or invest in Soulcraft, my dedicated program for deeper support and progress.

I’m here for all your questions! We can chat in a free, no-pressure curiosity call to find the solution that empowers you to take this leap.

Single session

1hr – $170

A focused 60-minute online session to address 1-2 key concerns in your life, creative practice, work or business. Whether you crave clarity, need help navigating uncertainty or want to reignite a spark, I’ll provide personalised coaching and strategic guidance.

This option is ideal for:

  • Individuals seeking a safe space to explore challenges.
  • Those seeking support in making decisions and embracing change.
  • Anyone who wants a taste of the benefits of mentoring before committing to a longer program.
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Soulcraft: 3 or 6-month journey

Fortnightly, 1hr sessions

This transformative program delves into your inner world, exploring your desires and external influences. Together, we’ll map a personalised roadmap for growth, empowering you with tailored mind-body practices for lasting change and a reconnection with your authentic self.

Ideal for those with big dreams and a desire for prolonged support to implement actionable steps.

  • Option for in-person or online
  • Session notes and introspective prompts to deepen your learning
  • Somatic practices for embodiment and pattern deconditioning
  • Access to practical resources and knowledge-sharing
  • Text and voice message support between sessions
  • Flexible payment plans are available

Kind words

I almost can’t believe I have such an empathetic, visionary and nurturing mentor in my corner. Shannon finds ways to gently steer me to my goals both creative and personal, despite the challenges my ADHD, ASD and anxiety present on my path. She creates a safe space where my messy, too-much brain is celebrated for its superpowers instead of shamed for its struggles.

Nirrimi Firebrace, multidisciplinary artist

I originally started working with Shannon to get clarity on aspects of my business, but the insights and knowledge she brings have helped me in all areas of my life. She is a smart, kind, gentle, beautiful, open-minded human and always makes me feel calm and at ease.

Georgina McKay, designer

Shannon has not only provided me with practical help from her years of experience in the design industry … she has also journeyed with me beyond the surface to look at how aspects or parts of my personality are influencing my work and personal life—and how all of these parts are interconnected. Her gentle guidance makes what could be a daunting experience a very calm and enlightening one.

Maggie Johnson, artist

I feel so fortunate to have met Shannon. Sometimes the universe delivers at the perfect moment. Shannon’s beautiful, gentle nature has been just what I needed. As my creative mentor she has guided me around stumbling blocks that were standing in the way of realising my potential as a full-time maker and a confident artist.

Sally Smith, Deep Earth Ceramics

Common questions

I don’t have a creative business or practice. Is this for me?

Absolutely! Mentoring isn’t limited to those with established creative businesses or practices. My sessions are designed to be adaptable and meet you wherever you are on your creative path. Whether you’re an aspiring artist, a curious soul yearning for self-discovery or someone seeking to infuse more creative thinking into your life, mentoring can offer valuable insights, guidance, and support.

How do sessions take place?

Whether you prefer the flexibility of online sessions or the focused support of in-person mentoring, I can meet you where you’re at. Single sessions are conducted comfortably online for those who prefer a pay-as-you-go approach. Soulcraft sessions are also available online, or we can meet in person at a convenient and private location (within 15km of Fremantle).

What can we talk about?

Anything and everything related to your personal, business or creative journey! Whether you’re stuck on a project, looking to grow personally or want to integrate more creativity into your life, our sessions are a safe space to explore, reflect, and grow.

Can I contact you between sessions?

I hope you do! Feel free to send anything my way – quick questions, brainstorming ideas, celebrations of your latest win or a meme that captures our work together. I’m your supporter and cheerleader.

How do I ensure sessions fit my schedule?

You have control over your schedule and can book online through my easy system. For guaranteed preferred days and times, I recommend scheduling your sessions in advance. You can choose a recurring schedule that fits your needs – same day each week – or one that accommodates your other commitments.

Is coaching confidential?

Oh, golly, yes! Everything we share in our sessions is kept between you and me. This safe space allows you to be completely open and honest, which is key to both your growth and the trusting relationship we build together.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Creative Advertising & Graphic Design
  • Mind-Body Coaching Certificate, The Embody Lab
  • Integrative Somatic Parts Work, The Embody Lab
  • Functional Flow 200hr Yoga Teacher Training
  • Brené Brown, Dare to Lead™ trained
  • Mental Health First Aid Certificate

Are you feeling called to something deeper, but not sure where to start?

This work is about exploring your unique path, and it all begins with feeling safe and seen. I offer free, no-pressure chats where we can explore your intentions and desires, and see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Let’s grab a virtual coffee and have a chat – there’s no obligation, just the chance to see if there’s a spark!

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